Featured Skater

Featured Skater: Salt N ‘UR Wound

Featured Skater

Name: Salt N ‘UR Wound #248
Team: Slamazons, Danger Dolls

How did you start skating?
As a kid at the roller rink with the elementary/middle school parties. I originally preferred inlines. I was “forced” to use quads when they didn’t have my size rentals one night at the rink. I saw my first bout in 2012 with Detroit Roller Derby (back then they were Detroit Derby Girls). I started skating with a small rec league Eastside Derby Girls. Then I moved to Rochester NY. I did 3 boot camps between 2012-2014 with Roc City Roller Derby and quit every time for various reasons. April 2015 rolled around and I had recently been dumped and decided to give roller derby another shot with Roc City and I haven’t looked back since. I moved to Colorado Springs at the end of June 2019- and wanted to keep playing derby so I found the Dames!

What position do you prefer to play?
Primarily blocker, but I will volunteer to do all the things.

What do you do off the track?
There’s life outside of derby?? Outside of derby I am a boring married lady and enjoy hanging out with my husband! I like board/card games and bar trivia. I also am in my 2nd ever D&D campaign.

What are some of your favorite things?
Cheese, ranch dressing, naps… 5. What keeps you coming back in spite of the craziness that comes between you and derby? The sense of accomplishment it gives me. My friends. It’s a kick ass workout.

Any derby-related injuries?
I have witnessed a couple ankle breaks, one with a particularly memorable blood curdling scream.