Featured Skater: Truckstop Trixie

Featured Skater - Truckstop Trixie #512

Name: Truckstop Trixie #512
Team: All-Stars, Candy Snipers

How did you start skating?
I had just opened my own restaurant on 6th street in Austin Texas and was handing out menus and flyers to local bars when I ran into some bad ass women that played derby. They told me to come tryout and I thought “no way! I’m way to tiny for that!”. I opened that door anyways and brought my sonic sketcher skates with me, they weighed a ton! I Made it! I started skating with TXRD (the original banked track!) in 2007 and then made the change to WFTDA in 2014 when we moved to Germany. This pure bred Texan is now planting roots in Colorado and is happy and honored to be apart of PPDD!

What position do you prefer to play?
I’m a jammer! I love all positions though! One day I’d like to say I’m a PB&J (pivot, blocker, jammer)

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Featured Skater

Featured Skater: Salt N ‘UR Wound

Featured Skater

Name: Salt N ‘UR Wound #248
Team: Slamazons, Danger Dolls

How did you start skating?
As a kid at the roller rink with the elementary/middle school parties. I originally preferred inlines. I was “forced” to use quads when they didn’t have my size rentals one night at the rink. I saw my first bout in 2012 with Detroit Roller Derby (back then they were Detroit Derby Girls). I started skating with a small rec league Eastside Derby Girls. Then I moved to Rochester NY. I did 3 boot camps between 2012-2014 with Roc City Roller Derby and quit every time for various reasons. April 2015 rolled around and I had recently been dumped and decided to give roller derby another shot with Roc City and I haven’t looked back since. I moved to Colorado Springs at the end of June 2019- and wanted to keep playing derby so I found the Dames!

What position do you prefer to play?
Primarily blocker, but I will volunteer to do all the things.

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Charity of the Month: Myron Stratton Home

PPDD’s Charity of the Month for March 2020 is the Myron Stratton Home.

“In his will, Winfield Scott Stratton left a legacy to provide for poor persons who are without means of support and who are physically unable by reason of old age, youth sickness or other infirmity to earn a livelihood. The Myron Stratton Home carries out his wishes by providing housing, programs, services, and grants to improve the quality of life of those less fortunate.”

We’ll be collecting monetary donations for their “Lila Go Fund,” a resident activities fund started 15 years ago by the family of a passing resident named Lila. Residents use this fund to participate in activities in the community.


Meet and Greet at Wild Wings n Things South

Meet & Greet at Wild Wings ‘N Things

Come out and meet the Pikes Peak Derby Dames! We will be hanging with our sponsor, Wild Wings ‘N Things (Southwest location), enjoying some delicious food and tasty beverages! Best part: when you mention you’re there for PPDD, our league will receive 20% of your bill to help fund things like practice space and travel costs. Support local roller derby, and have a great time!

Charity of the Month: Bikers Against Child Abuse

PPDD’s Charity of the Month for February 2020 is Bikers Against Child Abuse.

“Bikers Against Child Abuse, Inc. (B.A.C.A.) is a non-profit, 501-C-3 tax exempt organization that exists to provide aid, comfort, safety, and support for children that have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused. We are dedicated to the principle that one of the basic rights of childhood is to be safe and protected, and when the child’s family or environment have failed them, we stand ready to provide it to them.”

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PPDD Fundraiser at Goat Patch Brewing Co.

Bleating Heart Night at Goat Patch Brewing Co.

Join your favorite Derby Dames at Goat Patch Brewing Company for a fun evening of food and drinks to benefit PPDD.

“At GPB, we love pairing good beer with a good cause. That’s why we are thrilled to host “Bleating Heart Nights” here in the tasting room every Tuesday evening. Where did we come up with the name Bleating Heart? Well, the sound a goat makes is called a “bleat” and philanthropic goat is clearly called a “bleating heart”.

By joining the Goat Patch Tribe on a Bleating Heart Night, every pint you purchase between 5pm – 9pm will result in a $1 donation to the featured non-profit.

On Tuesday, February 18th, we will be hosting Pikes Peak Derby Dames. Mira Sol food truck in Colorado Springs will be serving from 4 pm – 8 pm.”

24K Solid COLD

Featured Skater: Solid Cold #999

Featured Skater: Solid Cold
Photo by Luc MacArthur Photography

Team: Danger Dolls and Slamazons

How did you start skating?
I started skating in the early 70s. Skating and skateboarding were probably my favorite thing. And as I got older the roller rink was The Place to Hang Out. All the cool kids were doing it.

What position do you prefer to play?
I prefer to play defensive blocker. I can be hard to move when my mind and legs cooperate.

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